Case Study: ATM Engineers

The Challenge

For this industry leading services and security company, Concept needed to provide a team of ATM field engineers to perform a line address change on behalf of a leading high street bank on over 700 ATM machines across the UK.

This was a challenging project where the client needed to complete the upgrade on all 700+ machines within a 3 week period to the end client’s satisfaction.

The Solution

Concept met with the client to discuss the requirement in detail and put a comprehensive plan in place to provide a team of 10 ATM engineers across the UK to complete the project; these engineers came fully vetted to banking standard, had their own transport, tools and branded I.D badges to gain access to sites.

We worked closely with them to allocate the correct sites to the appropriate engineers and developed a sign off system that worked for all parties. Concept made sure we continually touched base with the project team to ensure the project was running smoothly and were always more than helpful with our requests.

The Outcome

The project was completed within time and budget and what a roaring success it was. The bank confirmed a 100% success rate and they are extremely happy with the results.

The feedback on the engineers was very positive, they kept the project team updated and they followed the procedure as provided. they were certainly quick and generally finished well before the expected completion time and were willing to assist on more complex issues where ATM’s were in a state of repair.

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28th September